Celebrating Hills through
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Pune Biennale is a grass-roots movement that aims at promoting and showcasing creative talent from various disciplines of arts, design and architecture. The emphasis in Pune Biennale is on making art more public and accessible in various forms including painting, sculpture, design, film, architecture, photography, environmental activities, new media and performing arts. This event aspires to position the city on the map of art world.
The theme of the inaugural Pune Biennale is “Celebrating Hills of Pune” as they represent significant public spaces in the city. The hills in and around the city have given it a distinct geographical and cultural identity and at Pune Biennale we intend to revisit this through different forms of arts.

The Pune Biennale is a ten-day event beginning on 11th January 2013 and closing on 21st January 2013.


  • Sufalam Farms
  • Charmi Collection
  • Hotel Vaishali
  • Star Utsav
  • Krishna Presidency

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