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2nd Pune Biennale 2015

The Pune Biennale, a joint venture between Pune Municipal Corporation and Bharati Vidyapeeth, is a grass-roots movement that aims at promoting and showcasing creative talent from various visual media of expression including visual arts, architecture, and photography. Initiated by Bharati Vidyapeeth’s College of Architecture, Pune, the emphasis in Pune Biennale is on making art more public and accessible in its all possible manifestations.

The theme of the Second Edition of Pune Biennale is “Heritage- Yours and Mine”. To be celebrated from 6- 15 February 2015, this movement takes a multi-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary approach to emphasize ‘Heritage’ as a pressing concern in the world cultural map. In particular it strives to restore, rehabilitate, and refine our combined cultural heritage in order to enhance our cultural identity.

Come and explore different activities to be undertaken during the Biennale.

The inaugural Pune Biennale took place in January 2013 around the theme of “Celebrating hills” and succeeded in bringing close to one lakh citizens to exhibitions and activities which were held over ten days at eight different venues across Pune (for more visit 2013 biennale).

“A picture is worth a thousand words” – Given that visual media has such a potent power, it makes an ideal and effective tool and instrument for saying what a society and its people think of heritage. One can see how recent spurt in repackaging of cultural legends through cartoons and animation has helped to connect the next-gen to their cultural past which was often dismissed as mythological legends. Similar observations could also be made regarding new landscapes that come to don new mediums of representations. Such connections need to be brought out even more emphatically in all areas comprising visual arts and aesthetics. This biennale themed on heritage raises the following question:

“Whether visual art can be used as a tool to establish the connection of the next generation with the Heritage without being nostalgic?”

The talk about architecture in Pune, as in many other cities, seems to be polarised between “this is heritage” and “this is modern”: the former is something vaguely understood as buildings dating to a certain glorious historic period and those that do not confirm to this are modern. Heritage related architecture is often taken at face-value and generalised in a way that a nuanced understanding of what constitutes heritage is missing. While there is general agreement on “conserving heritage buildings” there is little debate on how to do this in a way that is beneficial to its custodians and for the society at large.

"Architecture should be open to everything... Events like the Biennale help to open new possibilities precisely by showing us something other than buildings alone"- Rem Koolhaas, Curator, Venice Biennale 2014.

In the 2nd Pune Biennale themed around “heritage”, the Architecture segment aims to carry forward this idea of architecture as something beyond buildings, particularly heritage buildings, to highlight the deep connection architecture has with the cultural heritage of the city. At the same time, the Biennale also intends to provoke alternative thinking about architecture and heritage- how do we leap into the future while looking at past. To achieve the purpose of provocation through architecture and accomplish these stated goals, the biennale focuses on four projects.

Photography is a major art form today. Though there are a lot of experimentations happening in the digital photography, photography artists have found various modes of keeping their interest in the older and newer technology of photography alive. In Pune Biennale several photographic exhibitions and installations are planned around the dominant theme of Heritage.

Interview (Part-I) - Dr Kiran Shinde - Director Pune Biennale

Art Work

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